Varicose Veins Cures

Varicose veins are enlarged, twisted veins that are a blue colour. Standing or sitting for prolonged periods can be a cause and so can being overweight. It can make you feel uncomfortable with swelling and a heavy feeling. It can be a sign of heart disease and circulation problems.

Diet and Exercise can help to prevent this, it is also important to maintain a healthy weight.

Always consult a doctor prior to taking any remedy and to get advice.

Has been shown to reduce the swelling in the legs.

Horse Chestnut
An extract from horse chestnut a compound called Aescin seems to block the enzymes that damage the veins. It can help reduce the pain and swelling. You have to be careful when taking this supplement as it can have side effects. Speak to you medical professional.

Grape Seed Pine Bark Extract
They contain antioxidants that seem to strenghten the structure of the vessels and reduce swelling. It can however cause digestive complaints so it wise to take advice first from a medical professional.

Butchers Broom
Again is said to strengthen the blood vessels, however it can have some side effects.

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