Hair Loss Cures

Alopecia areata is rapid hair loss usually in patches. It is still unknown what causes it however it has been linked to autoimmune disorders.

Fortunately hair does re grow without any treatment after approx. 12 months, cases vary.

Essential Oils
A combination oil of thyme, rosemary, lavender and cedarwood massaged into the scalp daily has shown results, however there can be allergic reactions and problems. Seek the advice of a qualified practitioner prior to use.

Not only can deal with the stress of the hair loss, it has shown that relaxing and dealing with any depression can aid the hair re growth.

Onion Juice
This sounds a little strange but has helped some people. The onion juice is applied twice a day for a couple of months. It is said to work better for men.

Always seek medical advice prior to any treatment.

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