Gum Disease

Periodontal disease (gum disease) is where the gums around the teeth and sometimes the bones become infected and inflamed.

Symptoms can include

Swollen red gums,
blood when cleaning your teeth or flossing
Receding Gums
Bad Breath
Widening of the space between gums and teeth or loose teeth

Remedies to try

Vitamin C
A lack of vitamin C and gum disease is linked. Eating more fruit and vegetables each day will help and maybe a vitamin C supplement, however avoid chewable vitamin C as this can erode the teeth enamel.

Vitamin D
This has shown to be of help because of its anti inflammatory properties, 15 minute of sun exposure twice a week should be enough however you can buy supplements.

Cranberry Juice helps by helping to protect the teeth from bacteria sticking to them

Tea Tree Oil in Toothpaste
This has antibacterial properties to reduce infection.

Stress reduction
Reducing stress helps to prevent gum disease.

Always consult a medical professional prior to taking any natural remedies.

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