Digestive Disorder Cures

Help your self to a healthy digestion

Take small bites of your food and put your fork down in between each mouthful. Try to thoroughly chew each bite of food. This can also help you to lose weight as your body will let you know its full if you eat slower.

Drink plenty of water, as not enough water intake is a common cause of constipation.

Increase your dietary fibre, eat dried fruit such as dates, figs, and prunes. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and lentils.

Consider food allergies food sensitivities are behind many digestive disorders. Try to eliminate things from your diet if you suspect a problem then re-introduce to see if the problem re occurs.

Increase good bacteria in your stomach, since not all bacteria is bad. Probiotic bacteria can help to maintain intestinal health. Try good quality organic yogurt that add the active cultures after pasteurization, because this heat process destroys both good and bad bacteria. Bananas are said to encourage good bacteria.


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