Anxiety Cures

Everyone from time to time has anxiety it is quite normal. However prolonged anxiety can be more serious.

Generalised anxiety symptoms can be restlessness, irritability, poor concentration or just feeling tense. It can also effect your physical wellbeing, and can cause headaches, muscle tension, bloating, sweating, fatigue, indigetion and insomnia. It is important to see a medical professional for advice.

It is important to talk over what may be causing your anxiety with a trusted person, sometimes just understanding it will help to control it. Try to take time out relax and try some relaxation techniques, including some exercise. Consider your diet, try to avoid food high in sugar, fat and caffeine. Try to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Passionflower has been shown to be effective to combat the insomnia and anxiety. It does have some side effects. Consult a medical professional.

Is helpful for insomnia and mild anxiety. Consult a medical professional.

Various techniques of massage can help with the muscle tension and help you to sleep.

Other remedies include
B vitamins
Pantothenic acid

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